Friday, January 19, 2018

Download: NoWait App

We know the weekends can get a little crazy at The Poynt.  While we do not accept reservations (except for our Wolfe's Den Private Dining Table) we do utilize the NoWait App.  NoWait is a helpful app that guests can download on their mobile device.  Through this app you can search for "The Poynt" before you plan to come in and find information such as our current wait time.  No, it is not quite the same as a reservation, but you can still add your name to the wait list and spend a little extra time at home instead of waiting at the bar.  Plus - you can track your place in line and we will notify you via text message when your table is ready.  We kindly ask that you arrive about 10 minutes prior to your wait expiration to avoid being skipped in line!

Click Here to Download NoWait Now!
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