Friday, January 5, 2018

Forbes' 2018 Food Trends

A new year means new food trends!  We are excited to see what fun foodie trends pop up in 2018 and will hopefully be incorporating a few on our menu!  We have been taking some time to investigate what some of the major food publications are anticipating for the new year.  When serving the diverse tastes of Newburyport, it's important to draw the line between those crazy, over-the-top (read: completely bizarre) foodie trends, and those just-crazy-enough-to-work creations!  According to a recent article from Forbes, here are a few fun trends to expect in 2018:  (1) Vegetable Focused Dishes  (2)  HotPot Meals  (3) Cake for Breakfast!  Even better, the author explains a few ways to incorporate these pending trends into your kitchen at home!  What do you think?  Will you give them a try?

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