Friday, February 23, 2018

History of 31 Water Street

Do you know the history of our space? If not, read along for a taste of our building's past!

Before it became The Poynt, 31 Water Street was home to a hardware store. We pay tribute to this life in our exposed pipes on our booths foot rests, bar, host stand and in our ceilings. You also may find some industrial focused photographs hanging in our Wolfe's Den!  Next, 31 Water Street was a longtime Newburyport favorite men's clothing store, John Farley's. Farley's moved from Merrimack Street to 31 Water Street in the late 1990’s and was there for about 17 years.  They moved to State Street and re-opened in 2015, making way for The Poynt to open in town! To honor John Farley’s, we kept a portion of the brick wall logo just outside our Wolfe's Den. In addition, we covered the back of the booths with men's shirt plaid fabric and use chevron pattern flooring in our dining room as a compliment!

One of our favorite parts of Newburyport is the history and community of the buildings.  In our interior design strategy, we wanted to reserve the integrity of the building's history by incorporating nods to the space's past lives!
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