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The Poynt is Newburyport's newest restaurant featuring Small Plates, Wood-Fired Pizzas and Entrees. Chef Peter Hansen has appeared on 6 episodes of Iron Chef with Bobby Flay, and Interior Designer Taniya Nayak is a featured designer on the TV show Restaurant Impossible.



Friday, February 23, 2018

History of 31 Water Street

Do you know the history of our space? If not, read along for a taste of our building's past!

Before it became The Poynt, 31 Water Street was home to a hardware store. We pay tribute to this life in our exposed pipes on our booths foot rests, bar, host stand and in our ceilings. You also may find some industrial focused photographs hanging in our Wolfe's Den!  Next, 31 Water Street was a longtime Newburyport favorite men's clothing store, John Farley's. Farley's moved from Merrimack Street to 31 Water Street in the late 1990’s and was there for about 17 years.  They moved to State Street and re-opened in 2015, making way for The Poynt to open in town! To honor John Farley’s, we kept a portion of the brick wall logo just outside our Wolfe's Den. In addition, we covered the back of the booths with men's shirt plaid fabric and use chevron pattern flooring in our dining room as a compliment!

One of our favorite parts of Newburyport is the history and community of the buildings.  In our interior design strategy, we wanted to reserve the integrity of the building's history by incorporating nods to the space's past lives!

Friday, February 16, 2018

National Margarita Day - February 22nd!

Next Thursday, February 22nd, is National Margarita Day! Our bar team will always make you a classic margarita, but we also suggest celebrating with a fun, layered tequila cocktail we like to call the “Bad Intentions”.  This cocktail also happens to be one of our all-time top sellers and has been on our menu for a long time due to high demand.  This specialty cocktail is made with jalapeno tequila giving it an extra kick for those who love a good spicy marg!  Adding to the flavor is habanero agave nectar, basil and sage, and layered with red wine for the perfect cocktail aesthetic!

If you have't tried it yet, don't wait!  Pop into The Poynt for National Margarita Day next Thursday night (Feb 22) and join us for a drink!  #gettothepoynt

Celebrate your special occasions at The Poynt

Host an intimate group of up to 14 guests in The Wolfe's Den, a cozy space that will make you feel at home around your dining room table. Guests order directly from our seasonally changing menu, as well as from our nightly chalkboard specials. Our Wolfe's Den offers a private dining experience unlike anything else in Newburyport with two seating times available every night!

Click below to place your inquiry for The Wolfe's Den and our Private Events Coordinator will be in contact shortly to answer any remaining questions.


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